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STYL is designed to complement your life, add confidence to your style, time to your day and help form healthy habits. From You to Me to We - We're a diverse community, we aim to offer honest but kind outfit advice while making a positive impact on others. You're invited to be kind, like us.


Wondering what to wear? We've all been there, whether it's dressing for your day, a special occasion, concert, first date, job interview, or even a night out. You should never feel anxious before you go because receiving timely and honest outfit advice is the trick to dressing with confidence

STYL's solution for outfit advice was born out of our passion for eliminating the anxiety that results from not knowing does my outfit look good?


Whether you're shopping online or in person, we've all had that "does this look good on me," and, "should I buy it" moment when we just weren't sure about a purchase.


We've also combed our closets and found things we wish we'd never bought and sometimes, can't let go of.


At STYL we created a virtual community of folks who help us in moments of indecision and an App that delivers actionable outfit advice to help us make confident decisions.


We're the place you share a moment of honest indecision and know the responses are based upon your question, not the number of followers or likes you have. 


We're friendly, kind and honest. We like to keep it constructive; results offer honest but kind outfit advice, not criticism. Because STYL uses a detailed demographic breakdown, you see precisely how each gender weighed in and their ages. You decide...did the responses skew younger, older or just right? Our enhanced metrics provide valuable insight that help you make confident choices.


We're unabashedly un-filtered, and our aim is, to be honest, but kind and helpful in an efficient way. Unlike other apps that demand you spend hours filtering and composing shots for your "friends," we're decidedly not fancy. Before the filters or the memories you'll make and the pictures you'll take, we're there first to offer outfit advice.


The ASK focuses on the emotions we experience when we’re uncertain about asking for outfit advice and alleviating the anxiousness of asking others for help so that we can all dress confidently, together.

Your Community, Your STYL

We're real people too. You'll see that STYL is where all genders regularly ask for outfit advice and get diverse opinions that are honest but kind. Using the app may also challenge your own thoughts about style and inspire you too. We're your honest friend, the one you trust to shop with or call when you're in front of the mirror wondering does this look good on me?


We like to make a positive impact by helping other users build confidence by providing them with accurate, actionable outfit advice. Go ahead--Feel confident, add time to your day, save money and help other's do the same too! 

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