It's our mission to empower everyone to receive honest but kind outfit advice that enables you to make confident decisions. We've invited our earliest adopters to share their honest but kind feedback about their STYL experiences. It's inspiring and motivating to hear that our method of receiving and providing outfit advice is so beneficial in helping everyone Dress Confidently, Together.

STYL has really been a welcome addition in feeling confident about my purchases. When you see an item online, you hope the purchase is going to live up to your expectations. Being able to post my items on STYL when trying on for the first time at home is like having someone in a fitting room with you. This wonderful group of people has helped me decide what to wear and purchase when I am torn between two items, which means I am not wasting my time or money.

Another aspect about this app is the confidence boost and feedback you receive from the community. Everyone on STYL is helpful and honest, and give suggestions about how to make your ensemble better. This app is fantastic.

- Natalie, California

I love that I can ask for advice selecting between two different outfits. I feel that I have good taste and my problem is putting together multiple outfits and having a hard time choosing between them. 

I was surprised by how many
people want to genuinely help. Beyond the yes or no's a lot of users offer suggestions I never would have thought of on my own.

- Ciara, Ireland

I discovered STYL when I was searching online for apps which help you decide what to wear. The idea is wonderful, and I love the concept of making sure people understand what kind of advice you're seeking.

The community is extremely supportive of one another, and I really love that for gender, there isn’t only the binary genders but a third option!

- Lee, Germany