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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Bride and Groom at their wedding ceremony

On Saturday, July 27, 2019, my brother got married. In lieu of having his groomsman rent tuxedos for his wedding, he chose to work with The Groomsman Suit. What sets The Groomsman Suit apart is that you buy a suit to wear to a wedding and it’s yours to keep.

My brother scheduled an in-store suit fitting for the local groomsman in Chicago, IL. If you live close to one of The Groomsman Suit locations (Chicago and Philadelphia), it’s a seamless process that enables each groomsman to get measured and fitted for a suit all on the spot. I was unable to attend the scheduled groomsman suit fitting, and this allowed me to experience the online suit shopping process.

When you pull up The Groomsman Suit website the first step deciding what to wear is to input your height and weight. This leads you to your choice of suit jacket fit and pants fit, with slim fit or modern fit as your choices. I selected the slim fit for both the suit jacket and pants.

Male model wearing a groomsman suit displaying height and weight inputs

Modern fit suit jacket versus a slim fit suit jacket diagram

Modern fit suit pants versus a slim fit suit pants diagram

The next step is to provide your suit jacket size, and for the pants, you can enter your jean size or dress pant size. The final step is to enter your age, shoe size, and email address. Based on this information, The Groomsman Suit provides you with their recommended suit jacket and pant sizing.

Input jacket size and pant size

Input age, shoe size, and email address

Since my brother had already selected the suit style and colors, the only step remaining was to place my order. The Groomsman Suit website was a pain-free online shopping experience and lasted 10 minutes. Now all I had to do was receive my suit jacket and pants and try them on in the convenience of my own home.

A week later, The Groomsman Suit box was delivered to my front door. The all-black packaging was appealing and only required one slice of a knife to open. The suit jacket and pants were neatly stored on hangers inside a travel suit bag, and directions are clearly printed inside the top lid of the box and on a one-sheeter that’s included.

The groomsman suit black box is shipped to your residence

The groomsman suit box and suit bag

This was the perfect opportunity to ASK STYL to get outfit advice from friends and family since I was unable to attend the in-store suit fitting. I tried on the pants first and was not able to pull them up to my waist. When I tried on the suit jacket it felt a little tight in the shoulders and torso. I buttoned the top button of the suit jacket and made an ASK on STYL that included an image of both the front and back of the suit jacket.

Thankfully, everyone was honest but kind with their advice. Unbeknownst to me, the back of my suit jacket resembled Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk. I contacted customer service and ordered a size bigger in the suit jacket, a modern fit for the pants, and put all the items back in the box and dropped them off at FedEx.

Groomsman using STYL to ask for outfit advice if a suit fits for a wedding

My second Groomsman Suit box arrived 4 days later. The pants fit great but when I tried on the larger size suit jacket and made an ASK on STYL to get outfit advice from my Inner Circle, I discovered that I still had the same issues with my back. Again, I contacted customer service and explained my issue, and they suggested switching the suit jacket from slim fit to modern fit and trying one size bigger. I kept the pants and shipped back the jacket.

screenshot of groomsman asking STYL if his suit jacket fits

My third box arrived and I immediately tried on the modern fit suit jacket and made an ASK on STYL to get outfit advice from my Inner Circle. Everyone thought the 3rd suit jacket was a perfect fit and the only thing left was to get the pants hemmed at the tailor, which only cost me an additional $20.

screenshot of groomsman on STYL app

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with The Groomsman Suit. The average cost of renting a tuxedo with all accessories started at $196 (, and I was able to purchase a quality new suit that I get to keep, for less than $300.

STYL was an incredibly valuable tool since I had to try on The Groomsman Suit from home. The instant outfit advice from my Inner Circle saved me a lot of time, I knew I made a confident decision and most importantly, I looked great and felt confident wearing the suit to my brother’s wedding.

- Conor Sammartin is a Co-Founder at STYL