The DEVASTATING Impact Online Shopping and Fast Fashion Have on Earth

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

75% of consumers will make a gift return this year, will you? National Returns Day was on Wednesday, January 3rd. On that day alone, UPS projected they would ship 1.4 million boxes of clothes.

The convenience of online shopping, fast fashion, and the ease of returning clothes has devastating effects on our planet. Each year, 4 billion pounds of wasted clothing end up in landfills. To put that into perspective, the Great Pyramid of Giza weighs 12 billion pounds.

The sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza

Good gift-giving intentions aside, we’ve all ordered several sizes of clothing while shopping online for clothes due to the ease of return policies for amazon. Almost all of us have bought cute outfits and worn them only once or twice due to fast fashion evolving personal style. Men outnumber women 58% to 42% in making returns, and clothing returns and accessories make up 75% of all returned items.

Did you know that receiving outfit advice and assurance from others reduces the rate of returning clothes by 40%, which would help eliminate 1.6 billion pounds of wasted clothing each year! We encourage you to embrace healthy lifestyle habits that will save you time outfit planning, enable you to make confident decisions when shopping online for clothes, and help reduce harmful waste.

Woman scanning the barcode on the price tag of a sweater in a retail store

The next time you’re shopping online for clothes, take an image and make an ASK - How do I look? Do you think this is a cute outfit for a date night? I don’t know what to wear for a concert? It only takes one minute and you’ll receive honest but kind outfit advice that will help you make a confident decision on how to dress.

STYL provides actionable outfit advice every time you make an ASK, our terminology for your style and fashion question. By displaying your outfit advice by gender and age, STYL enables you to determine which set of outfit advice is most relevant to help you with your clothing choices, resulting in less time deciding what to wear and future returns because you couldn’t get an answer for - How do I look?

Mobile device displaying STYL with a user asking for outfit advice on adidas sneakers

- Conor Sammartin, Co-Founder