Nuggets' Mason Plumlee Speaks On Returning To Basketball During Covid-19

NBA teams have reported to Orlando, FL, to continue the season, meaning STYL advisory board member, Mason Plumlee, and the Denver Nuggets resume their championship quest. Before he left, we had the opportunity to speak with Mason and asked him to share some insight on what it will be like to return to professional basketball during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nuggets' Mason Plumlee Returns to Basketball in Orlando During Covid-19

We know you’re an expert at packing for long road trips, but how did packing for Orlando, FL differ?

MASON PLUMLEE: I packed for 3 months, and we don't have to dress up in formal attire for games so that's different. I've never lived in Florida so preparing for the heat and humidity is different. I'm prepared but I'm sure I will get sick of the same rotation of clothes.

What are the three essential items you’re bringing to Orlando?

MP: Suicoke Sandals, I appreciate that brand because they go out of their way and make me size 17 sandals that are cool. Henrik Vibskov pencil glasses so I always have a writing utensil and they'll keep the Florida sun out of my eyes. Most importantly, the Nike Kyrie N7 edition, it's my hoop shoe right now and I love what N7 is doing.

When you’re not playing and practicing, what will you do for fun during your free time in Orlando?

MP: I heard there's fishing, golfing, and other extracurriculars so I'm open to new hobbies. Right now my plan is to read, keep producing my founder series, and watch Yellowstone.

What situations do you feel you provide the best outfit advice for?

MP: I used to be big into the sneaker culture so if someone' hooping shoes aren't cutting it I'll tell them, so ASK me!

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