Mason Plumlee talks NBA pre-game fits, packing for long road trips, and designing his apparel line

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

STYL is proud to have a rich history in the sports industry based upon our founder’s careers. Nowadays, professional athletes provide plenty of outfit inspo through their choice of NBA pre-game outfits. Social media and TV networks have taken notice, devoting time during their pre-game shows to discuss fashion tips, personal style, and discuss who wore it better amongst the most outrageous outfits. We wanted to share some NBA fashion insight so we had a conversation with our advisor, Mason Plumlee, of the Denver Nuggets.

The NBA is known as the most fashion-centric professional sports league, were you aware of this as a rookie?

MASON PLUMLEE: I was, but only because when the NBA was in the process of changing the dress code one of the players asked for a stipend for buying clothes. Once the new dress code came into effect guys moved from sweatpants to suits and were more concerned with men’s style and their appearance. You also have to consider the way the game production changed, nowadays the networks covering the NBA have camera angles focusing on each team’s bench and fashion and personal style have become a part of the game.

What are the current men’s fashion trends amongst NBA players?

MP: Upscale sweatpants such as Gucci are really big with guys. The Chelsea Boot was big last year and so were bomber jackets, this season it’s more about the relaxed comfortable designer sweats. Slippers with fur lining are also big fashion go to’s for dinners and for clubs later at night.

Where does an NBA player of your height shop online and in-store?

MP: Online shopping is harder than in-store unless you’re browsing Destination XL. There’s a company in New York, Good Counsel that focuses on helping taller guys and professional athletes find quality menswear. The key is to spend some time looking and researching brands so that you get a good feel of where to look first. Brands like John Elliott offer a comfortable fit for bigger guys and Jockey also offers tall sizes.

NBA Player Mason Plumlee of the Denver Nuggets carrying clothes onto the team airplane

NBA road-trips can extend over a week at a time, how do you go about packing outfits to make sure you have enough clothes?

MP: The first thing I do is consider which cities we will be traveling to. For this current road trip, I’ve had to pack outfits for climates ranging from Miami to Toronto, so you need to take a moment and consider what to wear based on weather. If you’re going to Miami, New York, or LA you might want to step out after the game to eat so you want to pack some dinner outfits. Being a taller guy the hardest items to pack are shoes. Two pairs of shoes take up a quarter of the bag! We can pack as many bags as we like, but it’s still our responsibility to bring them to the airport and be responsible for them at our hotels and the next flight.

You recently developed a few clothing items featuring your logo (which is fire), can you walk us through your creative process?

MP: I just wanted to do something fun. We received great feedback on our logo design and we wanted to do something fun for the t-shirt and something a little more subtle for the beanie. For the material on the beanie there was an Acne hat that I really liked and I wanted that same type of feel.

Mason Plumlee wearing a Knit Beanie featuring his logo
Mason Plumlee wearing the MP Knit Beanie

If you could work with any designer who would you choose?

MP: If I could collaborate with anyone, it would be Henrik Vibskov.

Where do you get your outfit inspo for game night, and what is your go-to game night outfit?

MP: I like to dress simple but stylish. I’m not trying to wow anyone I just want to feel comfortable in how I look and be ready for the post-game interview if it comes along!

- Conor Sammartin, Co-Founder