How to Dress and Look Good on Video Calls While Working Remotely

Celebrity Stylist and STYL advisor Cary Robinson shares fashion tips and outfit ideas on how to dress and look good on video calls while working remotely amid Coronavirus.

A: As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers have been instructed to work from home. For many, this may be your first experience video conferencing and you might be confused about what to wear. Here, I've shared tips on how to dress appropriately and look good in front of the digital screen.

womens outfit ideas for how to dress when work from home and joining a video call

For a video call, you only have to worry about dressing from the waist up, which is fantastic! I'd recommend wearing a top that's consistent with what you wear to the office. For ladies, I suggest slipping on a blouse, sweater, or cardigan and no cleavage. Men should throw on a button-down shirt or sweater.

Outfits to look good on video calls while working remotely amid Coronavirus

Neutral colors are best for video conference calls because you are being seen in such a small space. So stick to solid, soft colors, and pastels. Folks should steer clear of busy patterns, bright colors, and black because they give a weird optical effect on-camera. That also includes pure white because it appears very bright on camera.

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