Honest but Kind Outfit Advice

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

It’s always an emotional decision to spend money on clothes or shoes that I want but don’t need, and my indecisiveness leads to anxiety. Even after trying on clothes and getting outfit advice from store employees, I’ve made several purchases I’ve regretted since I didn’t have enough information to make confident decisions.

I wanted some outfit advice from others whose opinions I valued and in those moments of indecision I needed to ASK someone, “Does this look good on me”.

man sitting down showing emotional signs of anxiety and stress

There are certain people whose outfit advice you value more than others. When you get dressed or when you’re shopping there’s a specific demographic that you want to impress/look good for in that outfit. You purchase and wear clothing for different occasions such as what to wear to work or what to wear to a concert, and we considered these fashion and style situations when we designed the outfit advice feature of STYL.

When you make an ASK on STYL you’re engaging with a diverse community that is honest but kind. STYL’s outfit advice feature was developed to ensure each time you make an ASK you’ll receive outfit advice that will help you make confident decisions.

In the same sense of needing to invoke Cognitive Empathy for the ASK, we need everyone in the STYL community to understand others feelings and take appropriate action to help by sparking Compassionate Empathy and genuinely wanting to help others by providing outfit advice.

  • Active Community Interest – You’ll receive outfit advice from all genders who listen and show sensitivity towards your feelings and perspectives by being honest but kind, empathetic, respectful, and open-minded.

  • Builds Confidence – You’ll receive accurate, actionable outfit advice that empowers you to determine the outfit advice that is most relevant and valuable to help you make confident decisions.

  • Immediate Assistance – You’ll receive instant outfit advice from those that matter most, to help eliminate anxiety and save time during moments of indecisiveness.

Mobile device displaying screenshots of the outfit advice received from the styl app

STYL is designed with a dashboard that’s easy to understand, and users receive private demographic outfit advice based on several data points from the respondents.

  • Demographic Outfit Advice – Your outfit advice is sorted demographically and presented by age and gender, allowing you to identify the most relevant information so that you can make confident decisions.

  • Inner Circle – Your Inner Circle feature enables you to receive instant outfit advice from those whose opinions matter the most. Inner Circle Members receive a push notification alerting them that you are in need of urgent outfit advice.

  • Private Advice – Your outfit advice is intended and displayed solely for you so. STYL is a community where people give and receive honest but kind outfit advice so that we can all dress confidently, together - not a popularity contest.

We wanted to design an app that felt honest, yet kind. We wanted to create a place that provides valuable outfit advice when you needed it, without the filtered images and snark of social media. Receive a large amount of ‘No’ responses to an ASK, great, this isn’t about likes! If you’re on the fence about wearing or buying the latest fashion and the response to your ASK is an overwhelming no, be grateful that you received the outfit advice you needed to wear something else and/or saved money on a style you may only have worn once.

- Conor Sammartin, Co-Founder