ASK STYL to Get Outfit Advice When You Don't Know What to Wear

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

You’ve needed outfit advice at one point in your life and were unable to receive it. STYL was created to eliminate the painful moments you were indecisive and didn’t make a confident decision, and to reassure you that you’ll now be able to receive honest but kind outfit advice when you need it.

Like the majority of people, you may have been hesitant to ASK for outfit advice, or you may not have had anyone to ASK. People are hesitant to ASK for fashion help because they fear rejection, they don’t want to be seen as weak, and no one wants to feel as if they don’t know the answer to a question. “Asking for help doesn’t devalue you in any way. It can enable you to advance, connect you meaningfully with others, bolster your productivity and ability to do things with greater ease, and better prepare you for your next challenge.” -

woman shopping using her mobile phone to get outfit advice from STYL

Our online and campus research led us to craft the ASK, which is STYL’s terminology for submitting a question and photo for outfit advice. We’ve implemented features in STYL to create Cognitive Empathy - we need our users to understand someone’s thoughts and emotions in a very rational, rather than emotional sense.

The ASK feature of STYL provides four important emotional pillars for the individual seeking honest but kind outfit advice.

  1. Reduces Anxiety - Assured that others will review my question, and provide outfit advice on my ASK reduces the anxiety individuals experience when debating to seek outfit advice - I want to be judged on my outfit and style not my looks.

  2. Provides Assurance – Your ASK is prominently displayed for 3 seconds before it disappears, and your image is revealed. This creates comfort for our user’s; they know their ASK will be read - People will understand why I’m asking for outfit advice instead of focusing solely on my image.

  3. Increases Accurate Advice – People clearly understand why you’re asking for outfit advice before viewing your image. When your image is revealed, our users know where to focus their attention so they can provide relevant and valuable outfit advice - I know my question will be considered in their answer even when my image is clearly revealed.

  4. Advice Only - Once a user has provided outfit advice on your ASK it will disappear from their feed permanently, eliminating gawking. We’re dedicated to helping everyone get the outfit advice they need to make confident decisions - I know that I can make an ASK and receive honest but kind outfit advice from a community that genuinely wants to help.

Moblie device displaying screenshots of a user ask for outfit advice on styl app

While social media networks place the emphasis on the images posted and likes accumulated, the ASK feature of STYL ensures that people understand the outfit advice you're seeking by emphasizing your fashion and style questions before revealing your image. You cannot receive accurate and actionable outfit advice if your audience doesn’t understand your particular style needs. We’re creating a safe place to share a moment of indecision and receive honest but kind outfit advice, when you need it, via real people in an aesthetically unfiltered way. STYL enables everyone to Dress Confidently, Together.

- Conor Sammartin, Co-Founder