The lifeSTYL


Feel confident getting dressed or shopping for important moments in your life and save money and time by adopting new lifeSTYL™ habits. Together, we’ll help each other wear and buy clothes that are right for us.

Two young girls standing together wearing cool sweatshirts and sunglasses while looking confident

Make Confident Decisions

Shop Confidently

The average person only wears 20% of their wardrobe. Create a wardrobe you love by adopting new shopping habits. We’ll help you save money and eliminate wasteful purchases that never leave the darkness of your closet.

Dress Confidently 

Feel confident dressing for the day and important moments like a job interview, first date, or special occasion. You'll never feel or look uncomfortable before you go because receiving timely and honest outfit advice is the trick to feeling confident. 

Help Others Feel Confident

It only takes a few thoughtful seconds and honest but kind words to make someone else’s day a bit brighter! As a community, we’re building a Neighborhood Loop of Trust™ of individuals who listen and show empathy towards your feelings and perspectives.