STYL makes it easy to ASK for and receive honest but kind outfit advice in a comfortable and encouraging environment. On this page you'll discover tips, how-to's, find answers to frequently asked questions, and get help so that we can all Dress Confidently, Together.


When a user has submitted an ASK for outfit advice you can view it and provide advice. The following gestures perform actions on the Feed screen. 


Review the ASK - Tap 


Would you like to review the question again so that you clearly understand the problem and can provide accurate and actionable outfit advice? Once the ASK disappears and the image is revealed, you’re able to review it. Tap the S icon in the bottom to view the ASK.


The Advice

Tap on the ✓ or ✕ options for a Solo Shot or tap STYL A or STYL B if it’s a Comparison to give outfit advice. So that you feel comfortable providing honest but kind outfit advice to others, STYL only shares who voted ✓ to your ASK, allowing everyone to be honest without the angst of hurting others feelings.


Leave a Comment - Swipe Up

If you'd like to provide more insightful advice swipe up on a users ASK to go to the Comments screen! Here you can help others make a confident decision on what to wear or purchase by providing a more in-depth explanation and encouragement. And remember don’t be rude, keep it constructive; offer honest but kind outfit advice, not criticism.

Go to Menu - Swipe Right


Swipe right from the Feed screen to go to the Menu screen! The menu screen allows you to easily access the features of STYL, including: Inner Circle, Discover, Rewards, and Sale Alerts.


View STYL Info - Swipe Left

Swipe left from the Feed screen to view the STYL Info of that item(s).  Depending on the item or outfit.


Refresh Feed Screen - Pull Down


Have you received the outfit advice you need to make a confident decision, or been able to provide honest but kind outfit advice for everyone that’s currently made an ASK? If so it’s time to put your device away with a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve helped others in need. Pull down on your device to update the Feed screen to review the latest ASK.

Ask STYL.png


How do I make an ASK on STYL?

Tap the camera icon on the top-right of the Feed or swipe right from the Feed and tap ASK STYL on the Menu screen to access the camera. Once the camera loads, you can choose to take a Solo Shot or Comparison. After taking the picture(s) and making any edits, you will need to search for and identify the item(s) in your picture(s). The purpose of the search is to allow others to learn more about the item in question.

Tip: Be sure to word your ASK appropriately, so users know how to give appropriate outfit advice. E.g., If you choose a single post and ASK if you should wear brown or black shoes, users will not know how to give advice. On the other hand, asking "Does this blazer look good with these brown shoes?" allows others to provide accurate outfit advice by selecting the corresponding ✓ and ✕ options.


Can I make an ASK comparing two outfits or items?


Yes! STYL enables you to make an ASK comparing two outfits or items when you’re experiencing a moment of indecision in the store or in front of your mirror. At the top of the camera screen, before you take your image, you'll see the Solo Shot/Comparison toggle switch. Swipe the toggle to the right to select Comparison.


Why does STYL ask me if I want to add another photo after I take my Solo Shot?

You now have the option to add another photo to your Solo Shot for the community to view. This new feature means every outfit can show a front, back, and/or side view to help answer the question, “Does this look good on me?”.


How do I leave a comment on a user’s ASK?

When you’re on the Feed screen viewing an ASK, swipe up to go to the Comments screen! Sometimes an ASK requires more detailed outfit advice, or you may simply want to share a few kind words about an outfit or look to build confidence!  And remember don’t be rude, keep it constructive; offer advice, not criticism.

Tip: Don't forget to leave a comment before giving your outfit advice - STYL A or STYL B, ✓ or ✕. Once you give outfit advice on a user’s ASK it will disappear from your Feed forever!

I am concerned about negative comments; can I disable comments on my ASK’s?

In some instances you may want a simple yes or no answer to your ASK on “What Should I Wear”. You can disable comments for an individual ASK. Just toggle off the Enable User Comment switch before you tap POST MY STYL to publish your ASK.


Can I search for users in the community?

Swipe right from the Feed and tap Discover in the Menu screen. Here you'll find a search bar where you can discover users from the community. Discover also prioritizes the most active members in the community. This way you can discover STYL’s most active and helpful members by scrolling down from the top of the Discover screen!


How does the Inner Circle feature work?

Your Inner Circle is a group of up to 10 folks you select. When you’re short on time and need urgent outfit advice, activate your Inner Circle feature and your members will receive a push notification. This ensures that you receive instant outfit advice from those that matter the most. Think of it like your Bat Signal, but except for calling Batman to fight crime, you get your Inner Circles attention when you need outfit advice or help making a confident decision when shopping.

Who can be part of my Inner Circle?

Only STYL app users you follow and follow you back are eligible to be part of your Inner Circle and vice versa.

How do I manage my Inner Circle?

Swipe right from the Feed and tap Inner Circle in the Menu screen. Tap on Manage Inner Circle in the middle of the visual to remove users from your Inner Circle, see what Inner Circles you are part of, and view pending requests. You can also view available users to add to your Inner Circle by scrolling down.

How can I invite Friends & Family to my Inner Circle?

Do you know someone who gives valuable style advice or can use help determining what to wear and is not on STYL? We've made it easy to invite your friends and family! On the Inner Circle page, you can choose to text, email, or send a Twitter invitation that includes a smart URL to direct them to the proper app store.

Reach out to us if you still have questions, keep running into an unexpected issue, or have some helpful feedback you'd like to share.