Dress Confidently, Together

Honest but kind outfit advice, when you need it, via real people in an aesthetically unfiltered way.


How can a person provide thoughtful and considerate outfit advice if they don't understand the question you're asking?


It starts with the ASK

At STYL we built a better solution to receive honest but kind outfit advice in times of indecision, which we call the ASK.


STYL’s terminology for your question, the ASK, is prominently displayed for 3 seconds before your image is revealed. This technology ensures people understand and evaluate what you're asking before viewing your image so they can focus and provide valuable outfit advice that’s honest but kind.

Once a user provides outfit advice on your ASK, it will disappear from their Feed forever. STYL was developed so that everyone can feel comfortable asking for outfit advice and receive actionable responses that help you make confident decisions.


Only you see STYL’s private demographic outfit advice on the response to your ASK, and you learn a little more about the folks that responded, and determine which information is most important to help you make confident decisions!

Replies can be simple yet direct, comments are encouraged, and STYL’s private demographic outfit advice is clear and concise. 


STYL's Inner Circle ensures that you receive instant outfit advice from those that matter the most. Need answers fast? 10 folks in your Inner Circle are notified you need help now!


We appreciate your originality, your sense of style and most of all, your time. STYL's neighborhood loop of trust provides a safe place to share a moment of indecision and receive honest but kind outfit advice and engage with a diverse group of people, who listen and show empathy towards your feelings and perspectives. Within STYL, you'll discover users whose honest but kind outfit advice you value while making a positive impact by helping others with their clothing choices too.


wanted to design an app that felt honest, yet kind. We wanted to create a place that provides valuable outfit advice when you need it, without the snark of social media.

STYL’s journey began at a Nordstrom Rack in Chicago, and the emotional indecision of buying – or investing – in a pair of shoes. Sounds simple right? It wasn't. We wished we could've had some unbiased advice right then and there from people we trusted. We didn't want to post it in the usual places or text a bunch of friends and wait around for answers, so we set out to create a meaningful way to receive and give honest but kind outfit advice.


Our mission is to create a safe and trusted neighborhood, a community you'll turn to as often as you need to help yourself, or others, feel confident with your choices. 

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